Research keywords

You have to set several main keywords for your region and category. The system parses a huge deal of searched keywords from different sources.

Keyword grouping

You can upload a list of keywords and get the analysis of competitors within your category and region.

Competitor analysis

You can upload a list keywords and get the report competitors for your category and region.

Morphological analysis

Download your competitor’s web pages and create map keys in order to write optimal content.

What are seo tools?
small and simple step to Google TOP

for you current category and region


It is necessary for creating content for your website. Basically, you should research, plan, devise a structure for the site, and then create content based on the research you have done before. You should definitely take into account this step, otherwise your content may be irrelevant.


When you create a project and want to update your website, making it SEO friendly, you should be sure of the correctness of your actions. Therefore, you need to research your subject, learn about competitors, understand what your target audience is and how many users you will get etc.



The web consist from a lot of different things, technics, tips, types, and others. Googlebot learned to analyse different categories websites by different algorithms. You have to know, what is going in your category and country.


We create reports and provide you with different recommendations for your website to get promoted. These reports may be utilised by content managers, copywriters, and developers.

Must have seo tools

By analysing competitors we find a lot of utile things


Analyse HTML

Getting all competitors from current group and country as well as analysing HTML codes and different parameters to understand how we should develop a page on current thematics.


Our Team

Successful team which is glad to assist you with your projects development.

Oleg Pomjanski

Oleg Pomjanski

Head of Marketing and Creation

Yevhen Lisovenko

Yevhen Lisovenko

Founder of Awescode

Demyd Maiornykov

Demyd Maiornykov

Content Manager

Our experience helped us create an analysing tool therefore we can provide you with SEO tips as well.

SEO Reports

We analyse category and generate a lot of report for you and your clients.


SEO tips

You will get tips for your category and country. Today a SE (Google, Bing) has a powerful brain and common tips don't help with the current SEO.


On-page SEO

Having analysed a page, you will be able to understand how to do onpage optimization and how to create powerful content to improve your projects.

Our workflow

How do we understand that SEO is dead or alive?


On our way, we realised that we must analyse everything on the Internet, because only a bot can defeat another bot.

24 April, 2015


We had a lot of ideas and global plans, but later on our tasks changed and we have found our philosophy.

26 August, 2015


We’ve got a plan, we’ve got an idea, we’ve started a developing process.

15 September, 2015

Testing system

We have opened a system for testing as well as debugging under high load conditions.

Private Beta
8 December, 2015

Tool for planing a SEO strategy

The initial stages of creating a website are devising a structure, finding and clustering keywords on a certain topic and taking into account country particularities.


Research keywords

This is a simple step and actually the utilisation of Google Keywords Planner can help the majority of users with deal. But if you want to have an extended keywords list or you’d like to research different categories or products, you will need appropriate software. Therefore, IOCheck will be glad to assist you with this task.


Grouping and filtering

You have 2 options. The first one is it to take your keywords custom list and upload to IOCheck in order cluster them. As regards the second option, it simply writes several main keywords to "Keywords Research" and the system gets all similar ones subsequently grouping them. In fact, the second approach is recommended, because you will get a more powerful group for creating a new page.


Analyse Google Index

To understand your competition and SEO trends we will analyse appropriate keyword groups, HTML structures and SEO strategies of your competitors, grab keywords from their websites, and generate morphological analysis for you.


Generate Report

You will get PDF files for current groups with amazing charts and recommendations for SEO as well as CSV files with keywords lists, groups, and anchors. Of course, It does not guarantee getting into the TOP 10, but if you create a SEO friendly site, you will be able to get additional rating from SE. However, if you’ve got good content and several backlinks in addition to what have been mentioned above, you are more likely to get in TOP 10.

App Pricing

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* Currently we are working only in a beta mode and you can register only if you have an invite code. You will be able to get it provided you send a request to our twitter account @iocheck or use the contact form on our website.

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