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7 secrets how to rank high in Image search results

7 secrest how to rank high in image search results

I enjoy surfing the Internet, and I bet you do as well. Every day we spend lots of time just scrolling the web pages down. And you know, we are not kids anymore, though bright stuff still catches our eye. It is much more pleasant to look through not only bare text, but the one including some visual items.

Let’s talk about you being not the customer, but an actual owner of a real web-resource. What is your strategy for using the images? Are you sure about their accuracy? If yes, don’t you have any doubts about some technical subtleties concerning image optimization? There is no need to prove that whatever of the content quality, it will have more traffic in case you are able to capture not just with a gist, but also with a proper component for the eyes to focus on. Remember, the lion’s share of the visitors number will respectively depend on the way you have programmed images into the web site considering its compatibility with the image search engine.

Improving your blog ranking with photo

We offer 7 secrets about high rankings in the image search results, using which you will get impressed with your position on the SERPs.

  1. Materials relevancy. It is essential to keep the search word and the picture so close, that the customer actually sees a visual effect of the thing sought. Therefore, try to play with your associations and think about some similar things related to the main object. For example, sometimes the best way to complete the text is to put some humorous comics in it or just use a cute animal pic. Yet, do not forget about the infographics, which will perfectly illustrate the subject of any article. Right combination of text and picture is a powerful thing so you might devote some time looking for the most suitable item. Though…
  1. Exclusiveness matters. We are blessed to have an access for free image resources, for instance Google Image Search and Unplash. They both have been excellent solutions when trying to find copyright free items. Nevertheless, who told that stock pictures would look organic with your personal article? Seeing one same picture in several resources web-site visitors may think that you do not treat your own business well. Moreover, you cannot always be sure about those labeled for reuse – some of the resources with stock pictures may not have the proper license for that which meant you won’t neither.
  2. Accurate naming. When downloading a particular picture on web you have a field where you can rename it from DSC_43923 to the one including search words. It is quite useful for your own regards – search within your web site becomes more convenient. Likewise, it will help the search engine to find a certain element and to rank it higher. Use keywords in the titles and keep in mind: a ship will sail, as it will be called (DSC_43923 hasn’t got any chances so far :)
  3. Proper Alt text for your blind computer.This clause is mostly for the search engine not to be blind and be able to read and recognize the picture essence. The only thing needed is to add alt section and description to your image tag, putting major keywords to describe the image in the clearest way possible.
  1. Size matters. Your web site is supposed to work as fast as wind, SEO experts say. The obstacle called “image size” can totally destroy the whole esteem to your content despite of it being useful and sharp in general. You have to decline the image sizes at the same time watching the quality. Keep an eye on browser tools, which may actually spoil your materials. Before putting your illustrations online use the help of the graphic editors installed on the computer or special web tools you can find in the Internet for free.
  2. Page URL has to include keywords related to your text materials. Again, it is a nice way to make you page SEO-friendly. Comparing the ranking of pages that are consisted of the search words in URL addresses with the ones that are not, we may just advise you to pick sufficient relevant words for an address line.
  1. Interact with Captions and Descriptions. Appropriate emotional levers will encourage your customers to stay on the page, will make them actually go through your materials. Moreover, they may leave the comments below and get involved in the whole situation connected to a picture. It is vital to pick the words in the capture section to catch the readers’ attention.

How to rank high in image <b>seo</b> ranking

Any of the tips require specific skills, so you have all the chances to use site pictures in the most profitable way without wasting too much of an energy.  Your visitors would sure love to see some fancy things on the pages viewed. Their attention is worth learning how to deal with image installation and optimization, so hopefully you got fresh food for thought.


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