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Tips for SEO content writing

What does the content writing mean?

Well, first of all, there are not many people, who know about the content writing. It is important to remark that the internet provides us with a lot of versatile content writing definitions, but not all of them seem to be correct.

As far as you may understand, a website content writer or web content writer is a qualified specialist, who deals with creating appropriate content for different websites all around the globe. In such circumstances, every single site has its own peculiar target users and requires a respectively content. Accordingly, content includes words (which are usually called “keywords”), unique pictures, video, and other materials that attract people on a website. It is significant to underline, that content text, written specifically for a website, should focus its attention on a defined topic. The main attributes of good content writing articles are: simplicity in reading and understanding the points, offering the information in an approachable to the target audience way.

There is not a big secret anymore, that a significant part of content writing techniques are focused on developing goods and services that might be extremely useful in the website commerce. There are also the sites, which are supplying informational only and do not aim to sell a product in the long run. In such examples, the content writing work should be directed towards facilitating the perception processes and accustoming the readers while providing them with complex informational pieces in such way, that it would be easy to apply and maintain in the future actions.

Web content writing functions

To be honest, there is a huge demand for experienced and qualified web content writers all around the internet. This is just because internet business is gaining more and more popularity these days. To be more precise, website owners and managers really require skilled content writers to perform the following major objectives:

Web content writing

  • Apropos of thorough analyzing of all necessary texts before sending it back to the senior content writer.
  • Create or alter keywords and then transfer them for further actions, and obey all the limitations concerning the keywords.
  • Making or adjusting an article to inform the reader, and advertising or selling wares or services described in the website article.
  • Produce unique content in order to have more visitors: so they continue following the current website. In other words saying, the rule is quite simple: the longer user stays on your website, the more chances he will become a potential consumer.
  • Create content that is excellent in the use of unique keywords, or is dealing with the search engine optimization. To be more specific, the text should have relevant keywords combinations and phrases that are most likely to be typed by the certain set of users in search engine.
  • Design content that allows consumers to get the information rapidly and efficiently. Consecutively, with the relevant content writing you will be given an opportunity to access to information in a user-friendly manner.
  • Understanding that web content writer should think about the creating useful and competitive articles on a defined topic for the readers, first of all, and not for the engines.

Website content writing always strives for relevance and search-ability as well. To fully understand, relevance means that the website text is helpful to the target audience. Search-ability preferably shows the usage of keywords to help search engines provide the users with websites that meet their needs.

To make mention of the main ways of writing, there are truly versatile manners, through which articles are being created. Perhaps you have already heard about the outsourcing. So, it is one of the most prominent content writing techniques nowadays. However, it is considered to remain riskier than other options all in all.

Online writers contra print writers

The first point I would like to make is that writing content online is far different from making up unique content for printed materials. There is a tendency among the web users that proves the fact that scanning the text online is more common phenomenon than reading it thoroughly. When we refer to the statistics, it is estimated that seventy-nine percent of users just skip web content instead of investigating it. Furthermore, it is also reported that it takes twenty-five percent more time to scan content online compared to print content. To focus on the must- have skills of web content writers, they need to possess the skills of inserting appropriate paragraphs and headlines containing keywords for search engine optimization, and also they must to be pretty sure that their masterpieces are distinct, so that they will be able to induce their target consumers in future.

Content writing providers

In historical terms, website content writing was very often outsourced to external providers, such as individual web copywriters or for larger or more complex projects.

Some agencies associate services of copywriting with a range of redacting and other services, that may include, for example, brands positioning, consulting via short messages, social media, SEO consultations, developmental and copy editing, corrections, demonstrations, and content syndication. Consequently, outsourcing such services provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to concentrate on key competencies and to make a good profit from the specialized content writing techniques of professional copywriters and redactors.

Web content writing tips

And what about the main suggestions that help you to get competitive and better web content for the number of visitors. We have managed to emphasize 13 key advices for that aim.

Web content writing tips

1) Make sure your target audience is people, but no robots!

The experience of 2014 witness it is not all about the primary positions in the ratings, but also yours content has to be easy convertible. That means the target audience should be delighted with the news of your site.

2) Do not concentrate on keyword density anymore!

A few years ago keyword density might play an important role in SEO. Nowadays the situation has dramatically changed. Of course, your site is not going to be successful without the well-thought usage of keywords, but you have to do it carefully in order not to bring damage to all your campaign.

3) Try to use synonyms, grammatical transformations and related keyword combinations!

It goes without saying, that search mechanisms, like Google, use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to link the search results to the user objectives while performing the appropriate search. Therefore, it would be a perfect idea to have your text full of synonyms, related words, and grammatical alterations. This is how different search queries are matched.

4) Have a high-quality content!

Well, 2,000 is the number of words that one average page from the top search engines ranking has. It is not a big secret that those articles, which contain deeper sense in the content, attract the users more often, than those perfunctory ones. I can’t tell you off the top of my head, but I know many people, who usually write large-scaled texts because of strong desire to be on the top. To tell you the truth, this is not a good approach, because you have to please your target contingent, instead of machines.

5) The Long Tale advantage!

It goes without saying, that there always is a problem with picking up “fat” keywords to your page or site. Naturally, their top ranking requires a lot of efforts from SEO specialists. In a variety of cases, there are nice alternatives, which are not problematic in ranking. For example, instead of writing “content writing keywords” you can also write “how should content writing keywords look like?” In one word saying, in spite of long tail phrases having small search volume, the traffic quality of such combinations proves to be high, because the clients preferably convert their queries.

6) Respond to all your prospects’ questions!

To make it clear, mostly all the questions from your customers about the business are likely to be entered into Google. If you answer these questions honestly, you will have more chances to have high attendance on your website. Keeping such dialog between user and provider will allow you easy to overcome the most persistent competitors.

7) Let your web content be shared and visible!

To cut it short, sharing helps the site to gain the popularity day after day. The point is that Google is determining relevance of the content by the number of its shares. It really doesn’t matter which source is used for sharing. For instance, it could be some forums, letters, and, of course, social networks like Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, etc.

8) Get acquainted with Google Plus!

We will not go into details, but such network as Google Plus is getting more and more popularity in the world. That’s evident that by creating an account there you will be able to attach some authentic files, confirm authorship of your articles, use such instrument as AuthorRank, and simply develop Google Plus. All these actions merge into nice opportunity to advertise your production anytime when the post is made.

9) Title tagging and snippets are still actual!

Every content writer knows that the first thing, that Google is looking for when it comes to categorizing the web pages, is definitely nothing else but your title tag. There is also one more important thing to know about. You may probably hear about snippet for the first time, but it remains as relevant as tagging. Let’s clear it up, snippet is a short description of the article.

10) Do not accumulate keywords!

We would like to mention that recent updates have revealed different manipulations to promote search engine rating. In our humble opinion, one of the most negative aspects is overstuffing of keywords. We know that a lot of site managers are looking forward to increase the attendance with inserting as many keywords into the article as possible. We strongly recommend you to use keywords where necessary if you are working for people and not for engines.

11) Don’t optimize your link text too much!

To start with, optimization of the link text to match appropriate phrases and keywords used to be very beneficial few years ago. Nowadays, the situation has drastically changed. I mean Google is already aware of different schemes with link manipulations. So, be careful before optimizing your link texts too much, because that is the thing that Google is really mad about. This means that it is much better to apply naked URLs, branded URLs, and long tail sentences.

12) Do not forget about images!

To tell the truth, pictures are gaining more and more popularity in the eyes of the Google these days. Try not to forget about including actual and authentic images in your texts. I would like to mention, that it would be extremely nice to use the duplicate of the title tag as the alt article. All in all, you have to perform it briefly and reasonably so that could be easily recognized by search mechanisms. I think it goes without saying, that putting relevant keywords in the image name would be a perfect way to achieving success in the content writing sphere.

13) Google suggest, ü and Google Trends may come in handy!

We have already informed you about actual keywords usage, including synonyms and other grammatical variations. These aforementioned tips are going to provide you with highly relevant content without adding unnecessary keyword expressions in the texts. Now it is the high time to remark that there are some useful services for you. For instance, with Google suggest you will be able to pick up some more keywords for the web page content. With the use of Übersuggest. com you can also combine or find additional keywords. Finally, Google Trends is a mechanism that allows you to observe all the ploys and alterations with the Search Engine Optimization development.

17 extremely beneficial tools for content writing and creating blogs

To be completely honest, we would like to admit that writing any article requires not only a discipline, but also focus, talent, patience, and a thick skin as well.

Now we are going to advise you an excellent content writing set of tools and internet applications that will be helpful and effective too.

From professional point of view, these 17 content writing appendixes could possibly come in handy, when it comes to making your copywriting skills better and we really hope that all your sorrows with thinking over new conceps will be stopped at once.

So, let’s get the ball rolling!

1) Parent’s Content Idea Generator

It is worth saying, that the Parent’s Content Idea Generator is extremely creative and unique program. More and more people are using it day after day.,

 Content Idea Generator

Now it is the high time to explain you the idea of how it works. All you have to do is basically just to type any sentence, expression, or single word into the generator. It would be nice to point out, that there are some defined rules to obey, in order to achieve flawless results. For example, you should not write your keywords with capital letters (this rule is not acceptable for proper nouns of course). By the way, it would be a big plus if you used a singular version of your planned keyword. After that you will be pleased with the final results. Sometimes you may be even strongly inspired, to be more precise. Remember though, one percent of inspiration equals ninety nine percent of perspiration.

2) Hubspot’s blog topic generator

It is an excellent source to improve your topic greatly. At first, you will be ask to type a couple of relevant nouns into Hubspot’s fields. Then you will be provided with a wide range of perfectly sounding themes. It is obvious that, Hubspot blog will come up with the most grammatically correct and remarkable terms.

3) Google Trends: Hot Searches

We can undoubtedly state, that this content writing tool is simply firing on all cylinders. You will make sure that Hot Searches has a very friendly user interface. It is a high time to check out the most frequently searched queries, so don’t put it off till the last moment. It is extremely interesting tool, but it has one slight minus: it can easily grab your attention, that means you may be completely absorbed for an hours there.

4) Soovle

You will never get over the appropriate terms with the use of Soovle. Its mechanism will look up the most trendy words not only in the Google, but in other well-known search engines as well.

5) Content Marketing Ideas Generator

In one word saying, the main task of this peculiar tool is concentrated on significant Periodic Table of Content Marketing. All you will have to perform, will be just selection of a target user audience and a subject area that they will benefit from, after doing that you will be provided with twenty lucrative ideas for content writing without further bothering.

6) The Readability Test Tool

In brief, you should type your page’s URL address into search field and it will definitely show you a detailed information about how fluently is the article to read. It is a well-established fact that the Readability Test Tool really keeps its promise regarding the quality of your text.

7) Hemingway

Feel free to underline the most valuable parts of your articles only with one single content writing tool, namely Hemingway appendix. This is crucial, even when it comes to highlight all of the unnecessary stuff in your content. There are some peculiar defined principles, according to which the program works. For example, when some text is yellow, then you had better shorten or divide it into smaller logical parts. If the sentence is quite bewildered, you will occasionally see the red lights. Blue color indicates that the word is adverb. Yoy would rather substitute it with some active verbs. Green colour signals you about the passive voice constructions. Apart from all aforementioned, you are always able to create something new or to format the text.

8) Grammarly

To demonstrate, it is necessary to say that the Grammarly considered to be a perfectly developed online appendix that precisely highlights all of the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in your article.


9) Unsuck-it

There are multiple examples, when some people have to compose a famous digital marketing blog (usually called ‘ahem’). Sometimes it’s rather difficult to avoid some business slang, but Econsultancy is trying their best. Due to the Unsuck-it app you are able to find the alternative preferences, or even just an explanation of unknown utterances.

10) Easy on the Hooptedoodle

There is no every reason to suppose that you are to be as tolerant in your content writing as possible. That means to watch out your exclamation and question points carefully. The experience proves that you should not use more than two or three of them per 100,000 words. It is also strongly recommended not to write some adverbs of frequency and several phraseological units.

11) Zen Pen

Zen Pen looks like a simple blank web page that allows you to create within the appropriate text adjustments. The content writing tool makes the concentration on the important issues a little bit easier. In order to get started, you will basically have to obliterate the whole text. I agree that it may seem strange, but that’s how it works. So, just highlight the whole text and press delete button. The next step would be filling the page with unique words that you have previously thought.

12) Ilys

Ilys is here to ask you how many words should be included in your writing. It is quite interesting that when you begin writing the text, you can’t anyhow return, erase or correct some mistakes until you have reached your word quantity goal. It is all about this goal, because only then, when you have achieved your target, you are welcome to introduce necessary changes.

13) Hipster Ipsum

Hipster Ipsum generator aims to generate dummy text for any particular occasion. I have to admit, there are still some disputes over the usage of the dead language, for instance Latin, with some up-to-the-minute random hipster nonsense.

14) Rhyme Zone

Very often it is just all about the rhyme. I mean all you really need is to have a couple of rhymed strings and that’s it. Here is Rhyme Zone for you, and it allows you to relax.

Rhyme Zone

15) Cliche Finder

In one word saying, the Cliche Finder tool for content writing is truly beneficial thing. Try to insert some passages into the appendix and you verify how commonplace could they represent.

16) Unsplash

The program was created to avoid spending a considerable sum of money on just making up some qualitative pictures. Feel free to drag out the images from Unsplash appendix.

17) The Guardian Style Guide

Well, to tell you the truth, the Guardian Style Guide is an exceptional instrument that you simply can not do without. It is not a big secret that there will aslo be some questions, like ‘Do you cap-up Air Force One?’, ‘Is it Mum or mum?’, or should there be a hyphen in ‘U-turn?’ Hey, I thought that this content writing tool deserves to be often visited. Some experts even claim that they could spend most of the day looking up in this gorgeous an useful tool. What a flawless place to be, don’t you agree?

Top 5 web content tips for successful content writing

We have to take it for granted that writing considered to be a dream job, but, definitely, not for every person. Everybody knows that some writing professionals are employed just to design product descriptions for magazines, while some of them turn out to be extremely famous in future. For a pity, there is a growing tendency that a lot of writers have usually better chances of creating product descriptions than becoming famous all around the globe.

Some people believe that successful content writers have an enviable lifestyle. To be more precise, most of them work from remotely, compile their schedules on their own, and simply work as much or as little as they would like. But there are also a group of writers, who are firing on all cylinders to make a living of it. We have to admit, it is extremely hard for them to do like that, as a matter of fact their writing skills are still insufficient and should be better. I want to underline it one more time that it doesn’t really matter how talented writers are, they should subscribe to the theory that writing content writing guidelines are never enough. Everything will be all right, if you will carefully look through the below-mentioned useful and good content writing tips.

1. Successful content writers have to possess various writing styles.

Nowadays every website differs from one another by its original style. That is how the news is delivered in the blogs. Blogging is not a compulsory thing. The site managers make their own choice about the availability of the blog. Ad copy is quite short and commanding sometimes. White papers are usually long since they provide you with the problem and immediately provide the solution to it at the same time. But it is not all about the appropriate style, each and every category of writing is content, regardless the size and the style, and every content writer should represent them lucrative on demand.

2. Successful content writers normally never talk about the instant things.

“Ideation” is about marketing industry keywords that describe the creative process of looking up a subject, title and passages to write about; and ideation goes along only with analytics. Most ideation is performed within a team management, although freelance specialists combine some schemes mostly on their own. It is always useful to know how professional marketing teams make up the ideas. Before getting down to their work, successful content writers mandatory have to:

  • Realise their target audience needs. Marketing workers call it designing of a “buyer persona.” If you know who your readers are for sure, you can easily write down what they expect to read in your blog. Remember, that you are working for your key target users. I mean it. Your whole work should be concentrated only around these people.
    Conduct and lead keyword research processes. proves that “content writing” is far better keyword than, for instance “content writer,” which can definitelly cause a title change. The site also proves that articles about post techniques and methodology are quite popular among the traders nowadays.
  • Be aware of market competition. Successful writer has to know what kind of relevant content are the main competitors using. A competitive content audit provides you with a huge amount of such and similar data. That’s why you will always know not only about the information what your competitioners are spreading, but also who is searching for that context, sharing it, tweeting it somewhere etc.
  • Select smart headlines. After you have already appropriate keyword combination, competitioners and target user knowledge, do not hurry up, choose your topic and create a title that is able to occupy readers. The title will give a powerful impulse for the customers to read your article or maybe not. You had better should bear it in your mind that the most significant words on your whole text are the headline and the purpose summary.

3. Successful content writers are to be unique.

Your reputation is probably one of the most important issues in this field. That is why every single post with your name on it should be exceptionally original. I completely agree, that may sometimes sound crazy, because it is nearly impossible to create something original when all the thousands of people are writing about the same topics. However, to be honest with you, it is easier to do than it may seem from the first sight. It is a well-established fact that every skilled writer can easily bring a unique voice, different perspective approaches begin the world with such professionalism.

content are to be unique

Of course, plagiarized content is awful for conducting SEO. It will damage to both: your current employers and, first of all, you. Always try to protect your reputation and your career by taking serious measures. Before finishing every text, which you have worked with, you would rather apply an online tools to check for plagiarism presence. In one word saying, it will considerably facilitate your job and further career.

4. Successful content writers have to be aware of some of SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress.

Keep calm and don’t make a fuss over it right now. This knowledge should not be on the proficiency level. Having some basic understanding is more, than enough. WordPress interface has various automatic procedures, and sometimes it happens that the only way to improve your text design is to apply the text/HTML tab and manipulate the code to make a title tag or fix the multiple defects. As far as you may understand, it definitely will not be a waste of time for you to learn some basics, which we have just recommended.

Optimized SEO knowledge is another one vital instrument to operate with. We know, that search engine algorithms change constantly, and writers have not only to realize that point, but also keep up with it. There is, at least, one issue to remains unchangeable: high quality of article will always be appreciated everywhere. That means that if you can design deep content from an original point of view, you’ll be in demand all the time.

5. Successful content writers have experience as the social media specialists.

Despite it is the last tip, but not the least. Social media contribute a lot of efforts into everything you need within your business. From choosing your own target audience, meeting publishers to having conversations with industry professionals. When your article is published in the website, everything has only just begun. The thing is understandable at once: more active you are on social networks and media, the more chances of being recommended you will have. Successful content writers are social active, open to public and just generally friendly, as a rule.

So, now you will think it over again about the complicated concept “success.” It is not only about just achieving your first job and becoming a content writer. With the list of appropriate skills, your chances of finding dream job will constantly increase day after day.

12 writing web content riddles of professional content specialists

As long as almost all content texts starts with written words, it is not interesting for anyone what type of content you reproduce, but you can always benefit from exploring the secrets of professional writers.

It would be nice to mention that one of the biggest objectives of content writing specialists is developing a large amount of content and keeping the decent quality at the same time. In order to achieve some success in this sphere the beginners have to practice hard on a continuous period of time.

So in this part of the article, you are welcome to learn twelve top secrets of professional writers: the tips and strategies that help them continuously prepare a large amount of high-quality passages.

1) You have to be investigator all the time.

Frankly speaking, engaging your target audience is very important feature of today’s marketing. In order to keep them by your side you have to explore new trends all the time.

However, research shouldn’t be applied only towards planning or writing articles. The quality of your content will significantly increase your chances if you do it permanently, since new ideas are constantly entering your head.

2) Try to find your own unique manner.

It is necessary to emphasize that you should never try to steal the ideas of your competitors. Your content should look like an individual one that presents your own personality or company you work for.

When you finally manage to develop own voice, that doesn’t mean you have to stop improving yourself completely. True writers never stop adding new experience to their writing arsenal.

Style is your most gorgeous achievement as an author, and it should continue to integrate over the lifetime during your further career. There are different useful exercises to help you to discover your own manner of writing.

3) Concentrate around the one main object.

Every part of content under the normal conditions has one crucial point, but, keep it in your mind, only one.

You have already understood that the following step you need to take while sitting at your writing is to clear out what your bottom-line point will be.

After you write, the first thing to perform is to make sure that your writing keeps up to the point.

You need to be relentless.

4) Depth and length are to be counted as well.

There are two things that could easily make writing difficult to read. One is the lack of detailed information and giving only a slight concept of the main idea. The other one is striving to ensure too much stuff at once.

It doesn’t matter whether you want your content to be long or short enough, be confident you write as deep as your length allows you to do it.

There is no reason to suppose that any length is acceptable for the readers. Some professionals like Seth Godin and ZAGG write 100 words per post, while KISS metrics and Crazy Egg blogs posts range from 800 to 1,500+ lexemes.

I have to underline it one more time that the most important thing to know is to realize what your readers’ needs are.

5) Cover your themes with the right angle.

Almost every rookie knows that every normal article contains three parts: topic, point and slant.

Topic is a thing to talk about.

Point is the main concept.

Slant is about your unique understanding of the things.

If you are not able to provide readers with unique topics, try something new to talk about.

6) Have a relevant title.

The experience proves that even a well-thought headline will not be engaging if it has an awful connection with readers. You title has to predict a little bit the details, that customers will detect while reading the whole story.

7) Make the first sentence as the best one.

You haven’t plenty of time to grab your readers attention and get them reading. After your heading, the next thing to do is designing the very first sentence.

Never tell lie. I mean it! Your headline and first sentence should correspond in the reader’s eyes to your key point. But, on the other hand, it would be nice to say something that makes people motivated.

8) Create an interesting introduction.

The preface is what writers call the introduction to your web-story.

For the short articles, it is enough to compose only one paragraph or two. For the fiction, would be nice to devote the first chapter. But for the most articles, you are to contribute from 100 to 600 words. These words contain your personal point of view and the introduction itself.

Your lead has to be overpowering, so to say, without having a lot of utterances. Never forget that your intro is as significant for an article as a good look for a person. I would say it is like a gold dust.

9) Prevent the deception.

It is quite obvious that nobody would devote oneself to reading the content, ideas of whish are not consedired to be true ones. So, you are strongly recommended to avoid the hype and exaggeration the truth where it is possible.

Prevent the deception

Without hype.

Do you like beimng manipulated somehow? I hope that you don’t.

So, reduce the deception usage as much as possible. You should always strive to implement the target content to perform well in the market.

No stretching the truth.

Your customers are to believe you. So, don’t let them down by putting wrong information. Refresh your writing style quite often and your blog as well.

I guess you already know the following rules of being honest. Namely, they tell us to point out the source of information, first of all. It would be very polite of you to provide the links of the books and other articles where you mine some data.

Let the clients trust you anyway.

10) The conclusion is the last part but not the least one.

This is extremely good content writing tip I have to admit. Nice and high – qualified content always explains the purpose of the writing particular story.

Don’t let yor story lose vapor. Even then, when you have virtually no ideas.

In the outro of every text, try to sum up the main point. You may also add some passages about the benefit of the information located on your site.

Do not be afraid to repeat your statements from the introduction.

11) Explicit writing is in advantage.

It is not a secret to anyone, that small passages, small sentences and simple utterances tend to be the most readable. We are not competing for any content writing rewards.

Avoid complicated structures and constructions.

To achieve successful readability your passages limit should be higher than six lines; the sentences should contain no more than twenty five words; 1-2 syllables are to be used.

12) Check. Verify. Examine. Redact.

It is a well-established fact that good writing almost never comes during the first draft.

The first round, usually, facilitates clearing out how to transform your concepts into separate words. As far as we may know, they are of a low-quality. And not only for the rookies, but also for the experienced specialists.

Editing is the thing to create the attractive stories. When you are creating a new article, just follow these advices:

  • write down your ideas at first;
  • your writing should be slow at any reason;
  • do your best while making a revision of your job.

Do not concentrate on the one circle of review. You had better read the whole text several times. Do not put it off till the very last moment.


If you are not experienced enough in the content making – don’t get upset about it. Everything will be all right. Just try to be much imaginative and persistent. Always grab your clients attention.


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