Email Marketing

Best practices for email marketing

How about checking your email? More likely, you will have at least one message in “promotions”. Maybe, it is from your favorite shoe store telling you about possible discounts this month, maybe it is from unknown addresser who decided to advertise their production to you. Whatever the inside of such letter is, the technique used by the company­sender is called “email marketing”.

With the help of email marketing you may reach terribly huge audiences within email database. The existence of special services such as Google, Yahoo! and MailChimp provides sending global newsletters to your fans, friends, followers and potential followers.

In the blog section below we will tell you about email marketing best practices and tips to be used when you want to write a message. Also you might find some useful email marketing templates and examples just to know what and to tell all of those people – it is an excellent way to share all the content you created in a structured way. In spite of that you will get to know the whole detailed process of creating an email with all of the technical aspects – spam filters, html, service choice and even optimal colors and fonts for the letter design.

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