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Top 10 free online content writing courses

top 10 online writing courses


Content writing is not an easy job. In order to become a professional content writer, you need to master a lot of different skills. For example, highly qualified writers are able to write for informational websites and websites that are specialized on product marketing, they can write in different writing styles and have a good command of WordPress, HTML, CSS and SEO. What is more, some employees want their work to be done in a very short period of time. To complete the assignments successfully you should be able to work fast and at the same time produce the content of the high standard.

If you are a beginner and want to become more professional at writing, you may consider taking writing courses or training. We advise you to start with free online content writing courses. Actually, there is a huge variety of different online training programs which are aimed to upgrade your writing competence. Each online content writing course is designed to better various abilities which are needed for composing texts of high quality and get higher income for your work. But the question is where to find the course that is the most suitable for your objective?

In this article, we have prepared for you a list of top 10 free content writing online courses and resources that might be valuable to you.

1) Content marketing & influence building w/ MyBlogU by Udemy

Udemy contains thousands of courses on the unimaginable amount of topics which are taught by experts. We have done a little research there and found two free online content writing courses that might come in handy.

The first one is called Content marketing & influence building w/ MyBlogU.

MyBlogU is all about crowdsourcing your content ideas and Udemy online course is here to explain main features of this blogger collaboration platform. So, if you are willing to promote your blog and increase its traffic or are thinking about building your own community, don’t waste your time and start learning now.

2) Skool of Creativity: Essentials

This is the second course provided by Udemy. It tells how to see things from different perspectives and generate marvelous ideas. You don’t know how creative you can be! This free online course will help you to think in an utterly new way. Maybe you have noticed that the word Skool is misspelled on purpose. But at times in order to be creative, you have to omit some rules…Enroll the course and you will see why!

3) MyCopyblogger by Copy Blogger

Copyblogger by Copy Blogger

In the Copy Blogger’s blog, there is valuable information on mastering content marketing which can be useful for building your own business. Copy Blogger has also built an impressive training resource – MyCopyblogger, the registration to which is free of charge. After entering the membership you will get access to the variety of eBooks, such as How to Effectively Promote Your Content, A Content Marketing Strategy that Works, Content Marketing and a lot more. In addition, you will be enrolled in a 20-part course which weekly presents a set of ideas for content marketing in your inbox. Copy Blogger is worth subscribing!

4) Make a Living Writing

This blog 2013 was named one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. The creator has started it in order to share her experience in freelance writing and present other writers the ways to increase their income. Here you will find tons of useful information, for example, about high paying writing jobs or how to escape content mills or what is the best way to create a freelance success plan. We also recommend you to visit a special section called Useful Writing Courses which name speaks for itself.

Make a Living Writing

There you will see all current online writing courses and will be able to join one of them after getting on the waiting list. For instance, Article Writing Master Class will soon be available. Don’t miss your chance!

5) The GuestBlogging Crash Course by Boost Blog Traffic

There are people who create wonderful posts with exceptional content but whose efforts and unique vision often go unnoticed and unappreciated because of the web outpouring with junk. Boost Blog Traffic is here to right the wrongs. Inside you will find guidance on how to build a popular blog. Take a look at their website’s page “Our Products”. The GuestBlogging Crash Course is something you might get interested in if you plan to start a blog and need valuable advice. The course has seven modules each of which is dedicated to the specific topic and the last one  contains the final course quiz. Successful graduation from the course gives you the chance to earn a public profile page in website’s directory of Certified Guest Bloggers. Moreover, Boost Blog Traffic provides monthly mini courses on writing, blogging and social media with video tutorials and additional materials.

6) Scribble: Writing for New Writers Class Central

This free online writing course you will find on Class Central – an amazing website with free courses on subjects that vary from computer science to health & medicine, from business & management to art & design, from mathematics to humanities.

Being able to phrase your ideas clearly is a very valuable skill to have. Scribble: Writing for New Writers will start from explaining the process of writing of simple paragraphs to complex writing constructions and ultimately to research writing. Of course, it needs much practice to become a good writer, but if you need some guidance and are interested in promoting your writing skills, this course is for you.

7) Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web is another course from Class Central. It will teach you the essentials of how to consider and adjust the online readers’ needs and demands through writing style and constructions, web design and SEO. Learn about attributes of good online content and how to maintain it, how to write for your target audience and how to structure a web page, how to use keywords and lists and a lot more useful information. After accomplishing the course you will be able to express your ideas more accurately and write more succinctly.

8) Technical Writing by the New Jersey Institute of Technology

The New Jersey Institute of Technology offers a Technical Writing course which is aimed at advanced writers. The course consists of 39 video lectures and includes topics about technical communication, problem solving, document design, critical thinking, interpersonal interaction and a lot more. It unites present-day theory with practice to qualify students as technical writers.

9) Daily Writing Tips

This is not exactly a course but an outstanding resource that has everything you need to write correct English – writing basics, articles about writing styles, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, common mistakes and much more.In addition, it has a list of people who work on the website and the links where you can find more of their publications. How to present your content, how to write a book review or how to start a novel – Daily Writing Tips will answer every question you have. Explore this online content and see for yourself how amazing it is.

Daily Writing Tips

10) English Writing and Composition by edX

You will find this free online writing course on edX – a platform that provides courses of high quality from the best universities and institutions all over the world. It is the only prominent MOOC provider that is noncommercial and open source.

English Writing and Composition is an 8-week online introductory writing course, taught by Professor Duane Roen from Arizona State University. With the help of this intensive English grammar and writing program you will be able to gain solid language and communication skills, develop your ideas and express them efficiently for different purposes and to particular audiences while doing motivating writing projects. Moreover, you will learn how to use a variety of technologies in order to write more effectively. Don’t haste, start today!


Every day people read newspapers and magazines, email messages and webpages. Today written communication has become more significant and effective for conducting a business than oral communication.  It has never been more important to be able to write gripping and accurately formulated content. With advanced writing skills you have high chances to get a well-payed job and do the work that you love. You will be in demand. Aristotle once said, ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.’
Moreover, it makes your life happier.

Taking writing courses is the next step to become a better writer. You can learn anything you want, all you need is desire and persistence.

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