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Top 10 free SEO tools

top 10 free seo tools

The fact that SEO business is constantly growing day after day tells nothing new to everyone already. But now, just try to answer the question, how much money and time do you usually spend on running different SEO tools each year?

To start with, it really does not matter whether you are considered to be a great expert in the SEO sphere or you are not. What really plays a huge role is the tools that you use to have your websites among the top searches.

We are very lucky generation, by the way. Because we can easily access everything what we want on the internet, including the great number of beneficial SEO tools.

So, here in this article we will pay a closer attention to the number of free search engine optimization tools.

What are the best ones?

1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics means a lot for the SEO. But, of course, this is not the only reason why it takes the first place in this list.

Google Analytics

This tool is said to be directed preferably towards marketing activities. It gives an excellent opportunity to view all of details concerning website’s traffic and traffic sources. Google Analytics has one peculiar feature, which makes this tool unique.
We are talking about the Dashboard. The whole statistics is displayed there, for any time period of your request.

The next tab is Audience. The main task of this one, judging by its name, is to give the reliable information about the target audience of the site. You can even from which region do the visitors come or which language do they mostly speak.

The Traffic Sources determines how many visits to your website come directly from connected sites, social communication networks, straight visits, or search engines.

The key appointment of the Content is to give the appropriate reports which will clearly show which of your webpages has attracted the biggest number of users. By clicking on this tab, you may also see such metrics as the visits’ frequency, continuance of one single visit, bounce rating, and the last, but not the least, the percentage of unique visits to your webpages.

The Conversions is a great instrument for tracking your goals’ progress. It may really come in handy, when running the website concerning e-commerce.

All in all, the information about Google Analytics SEO definition is extremely valuable especially for those, who are willing to develop Web marketing strategies in the nearest future.

2) Google Search Console

With the use of Google Search Console you will find it really easy to achieve Google-friendly websites, pages and mobile apps as well.

Google Search Console

The total procedure seems to be quite simple. All you have to do is just to add your website or appendix to “Add Property” link and get the ball rolling.

Google Search Console offers you some useful tips, once you have added your property. To be more precise, you can always learn more how to get the clicks analysis from Google Search, how to receive critical errors or issues warnings, and how to check if the Search Engine is able to successfully understand your content.

The perfect thing about Google Search Console is that it always displays the areas that Google found. It also regularly checks the site for errors and sends e-mail messages in case some significant issues are found. The manager of the website is able to see which terms mostly lead people to his Google Search Results pages every time he creates a new page. Later he can use this data to discover the most successful pages and products.

So, in one word saying, using Google Search Console, you can be always sure that everything is OK with your sites and appendixes.

3) Google Keyword Planner

There are plenty of people, who use Google Keyword Planner on a daily basis. Even those, who are very far from the informational technologies, will assure that keyword research is one of the most significant steps while doing internet commerce.

Google Keyword Planner

The idea of this free SEO tool is to enlighten the perspectives and chances of a certain keyword. In other words saying, Google Keyword Planner gives you an understanding of which number of users is looking for your keyword combinations during a certain time.

It worth saying, the Google Keyword Planner allows to lay the foundation of a successful business campaign, and will be useful for both experienced and novice advertisers.

There is another one aspect in support of Google Keyword Planner. We are talking about the availability of statistics and traffic predictions. It would be better to use statistics as instrument that performs searching to help you to come to a decision which keywords to use for a new or existing strategy. Relax and get different appropriate predictions, like foretold clicks and conversions, to form a clear picture of how a list of keywords might perform for a current bid and budget. These predictions may also be useful when it comes to guiding your decision on which bids and budgets to fix.

It’s important to bear in mind that despite Google Keyword Planner can provide with some superb ideas for creating keyword and traffic predictions, this performance depends on a variety of factors. For instance, your bid, finances, product, and consumers’ behavior in your industry market are decisive factors.

4) PageSpeed Insights

Let us present you the next free optimization tools of this directory. To be honest, it is significant to underline that it is very useful when it comes to speeding up your page loading on all devices.

PageSpeed Insights

Much have been said and written about how PageSpeed Insights actually works. So, the principle is quite simple and easy understandable: the tool analyses your web page content and suggest solutions, which may improve loading of that page while searching on the net.

It seems essential to emphasize that the instrument checks the URL twice: with the use of ordinary and mobile user agent. PageSpeed has from 0 to 100 grades score scale. As far as you may understand, the higher score is, the better page performs in general. If the page scored, at least, 85 points and more, then we can come to a conclusion that the page loading is satisfactory. You also have to realize, the fact that PageSpeed Insights is rapidly changing and updating. So, the final score of your web pages may sometimes be different as the new algorithms and rules are added.

5) Mobile-Friendly Test

And what about Mobile-Friendly Test? It should be said that the work process of this very tool remains that one of PageSpeed Insights. By using Mobile-Friendly Test you will get to know if it is convenient to browse your website on the mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Frankly speaking, it is not a secret anymore that there is a tendency to use the mobiles for accessing the internet quite more often than personal computers. For that reason Mobile-Friendly Test will be there for you. This unique SEO tool provides you with all chances to have your website fully customized to the modern mobile devices.

6) Screaming Frog

As a matter of fact, this is a small program that you are able to download and install for free.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog has one unique feature called the Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It gives you an opportunity to crawl, make analysis and audits forms from an onsite SEO perspective even faster than usual. It’s particularly effective for exploring sites with different sizes, where checking every page manually would be extremely strenuous and arduous as well.

With SEO Spider you are allowed to export main onsite SEO elements (such as URL, page title, description, headings) to Excel so it can easily be used further as a ground to make SEO recommendations from. There are a lot of video material in the world wide web presenting a demonstration of all the properties and possibilities that the SEO tool can do.

It should be said that, this is an extremely useful instrument for on Page SEO. Logically, after launching the software all you will have to do is just to type URL address of your web page. In a few minutes, the program will scan all inner page URLs and the most meaningful SEO tips for you. After that procedure, you can export it to any other program you need (for instance to Excel); and directly from there, you can perform the next analysis and improve your website pages in order to meet users’ needs.

By the way, Screaming Frog comes usually with both the free and the paid version, but, suffice it to say that the free version has almost all the functionalities that you will need. The bad thing is that the free-of-charge version can hold no more than 500 URLs at the time.

7) Bing Webmaster Tools

This is actually the same thing as Google Webmaster Tools. The only difference is that this one is created for Bing.

Bing Tools;

Multiple reports prove that despite Google is the most frequently used search engine with 67% of market share, Bing is still a force that is said to have more than 16%. To make a lomg story short, if you want attract more people paying attention to your website, you need to become sure it’s ranking with Bing too.

But don’t worry, Bing Webmaster Tools is here to help you. Just like in Google Webmaster Tools you can have all data about your keywords and traffic sources displayed. In one word saying, Bing Webmaster Tools will not let you down for sure.

8) Google Trends

It is important to observe that Google Trends has become a perfect tool for doing keyword research. It doesn’t matter what our website would try to sell, we always want to have the relating keywords near the top of Google’s results.

Google Trends

If you go to the tool called Google Trends and enter the name of your wares or services, you will see top and rising related terms. Now you may have some great new ideas to involve into your SEO strategy planning. That is how it works.

There is no doubt that you can even compose your own blog by using the most popular and up-to-date trends. It is truly the perfect way of doing business when concentrate on the actual content of the website. I am pretty sure that you are even not interested in working with something that has already lost its popularity.

9) IOCheck Free Test Research

I am quite convinced that IOCheck Test Research offers their clients free access to the creation of analysis of 3 keywords. Three words is even more than enough for one category or article.

All you need to do is to point out 3 main keywords and then the system conducts further actions for you. At first, it collects additional keywords, then groups them all, and a complete analysis based on selected group of keywords is performed. I am quite positive that the resulting analysis will suggest better possibilities than your competitors have. This IOCheck tools includes the following: competition in adverds, page size, headings size, the average number of words from competitors in the selected group of various HTML tags, HTML code analysis of competing pages in the index, technologies and strategies that your competitors apply at their pages, keywords and morphology of the competitors as well.

After completing the analysis, reports on all generated topics are designed. Ideally, one group of keywords is a landing page for defined queries. For additional features and larger volume of keywords you can acquire proprietary version of IOCheck Test Research.

10) Panguin Tool

To demonstrate the Panguin tool, it is necessary to say that with the use of this one free tool you can see how Google’s algorithm updates have influenced your current traffic.

Panguin Tool
Firstly, you should login with your personal google account, then any profile is selected, and the next step is to check out organic traffics and also updates. Finally, you would rather compare your information on the target page with appropriate keyword rating.


To summarize, there are plenty of other powerful free search engine optimization tools that we may don’t know them yet. However, with this optimization toolset mentioned above, I am pretty satisfied. I really don’t know how do you think, but I think it really does not play a big role how many tools do you know or apply, it is all about effective usage of a certain tool. We would be glad to know about some innovations in SEO from you.

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