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You might have heard about Google+ ­ maybe you even have used it. The statistics is quite controversial: because of the Circle system Google implemented to its social network, it is hard to tell, whether the resource that unpopular as many experts say, or not. Well, there is no right answer, but active Google+ users assure, that product promotion and client access it more than effective here.

To use this way of popularization you need two things: Google+ account and a strategy you plan to apply. Google SEO looks a lot like the classic type of SEO; this is why there is no need to establish studying campaigns. The main thing that distinguish Google+ and other social networks – variety of channels involved. In other words, marketers are able to cooperate with possible SERP results and such websites as YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger, Picasa, etc.. This factor influences the potential ratings, which are usually much higher that on the resources with are not connected with multiple websites.

This section will open you the secret how to use Google+ for business. If you are not sure about its worth – believe, this social network might be much more powerful that you would ever thought of.

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