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Visual content is always beneficial: the article with an image with a proper attribute attracts people more than just an extract of a dead text. Infographics, gifs and photos, related to your writings, will illustrate the actual goal of the topic chosen. Moreover, the image can make a valuable contribution to the SEO of your materials – text and picture combined rank higher for the keyword you want to emphasize on.

There are lot of ways to gain an appropriate picture. The best is the one done by your own – unique pictures are always ranked higher. Although if there is no possibility to use original ones, choose one from stock.

When it comes to the technical aspects of putting the image on web, be sure you are an expert in this field. Some professional details may become quite an obstacle on your way. For example, consider the size and format, their compatibility with resource you are working with. Important SEO hack ­ to take care of proper image names, it will be more convenient to find them in Google Search.

Below you will find many useful tutorials and tips, using which it will be easy for you to fascinate the clients with the content you post. The road is a heavy going, but in the and you will be impressed with the better rankings you have got.

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