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Improve your business with Facebook

Improve your business with Facebook

Facebook is probably the best platform for conducting a business.  

Advertising on Facebook is a perfect opportunity for any kind of business to build the audience around the brand, sale online and make an environment where customers will be able to share their opinion and experience about the product. As a social networking site with over one billion users, Facebook is exactly the place where your proposition has a chance to be spread across the Internet.

Benefits of Facebook for business

  1. One of the major benefits is that marketing activity on Facebook won’t cost you a fortune. Price-oriented marketing is especially important for small businesses which have a limited budget.
  2. On the Facebook page you can place your contact information, location, specify your product or services, may be give some information about staff or working history and whatever that you feel is valuable data for your potential customers.
  3. Apart from text information, on Facebook you can also upload pictures and even videos relevant to your business. People find it very convenient when they can view the products or services you offer through the Internet in the comfort of their homes.
  4. Here you can also interact with your customers by answering their questions and posting messages related to your business. But don’t go too far with promoting your product, share only information that is useful to your customers. For example, if your business is specialized in cosmetic industry, post some tips on facial skin care or how to make an everyday make-up.
  5. On the Facebook page you can also indicate a link to your website, for example through external ads that direct to your webpage. It is very likely that most of your Facebook visitors will follow that link and in this way drive additional traffic to your website.
  6. Online sales are not the only reason why businesses create their Facebook pages. Many of them are on Facebook for the most part to increase brand awareness. The main goal in this case is to engage customers, who will later put the word out about your products or services.

As we can see there is number of unique benefits which Facebook can offer to your business. If you want to increase your profits, stop lingering around and start your company’s Facebook page.

Another question worth discussing is Ways to increase your Facebook page visibility. Here the key role will play the EdgeRank. Let’s see what it is.


Unfortunately, today only a little number of followers will see every your post. The reason for that is so called EdgeRank. It’s the new algorithm, according to which Facebook determine which posts will be shown in a fan’s news feed.

The first factor that affects the EdgeRank is the affinity score. It estimates the relationship between you and an individual user, calculates how often people comment, like and share your posts. The higher is user’s activity, the stronger is their affinity score. These active fans will be more likely to find your posts in their news feed.

The next factor is ‘the form’ of interaction. On Facebook comments and shares weigh more than likes. The post with more shares and comments is likely to have better exposure.  

And the last one is the age of the post. The older it gets, the less often it will be shown in the news feed.

What can help to increase your visibility?  
How to increase visibility on Facebook

  1.   Create Facebook offers

It is not only the way to expose your page but also an opportunity to increase sales. If you want to offer people some discount or a deal, try advancing it through Facebook Offers which fans can share with their friends.

  1.   Make question posts

Just ask your community anything relevant and obtain much more comments than usual. You may ask something general, like ‘Do you agree or disagree with_____?’ or ‘What is your opinion on this matter?’, or place some specific question. Remember that more comments means higher visibility.

  1.    Rewards and discounts

Everyone loves to win something or to pay less than the initial price. Consider providing special coupons and discounts for your fans, or holding some competition and put it into a post. The engagement on post will definitely go up as well as the popularity of your page. It’s killing two birds with one stone!

  1.    Promote your posts

The visibility of posts can be increased by promoting them in the news feed. It is a paid service which cost starts from $5. Basically, you pay to enlarge the displaying of your post.

  1.    ‘Tag yourself here’

One more way to get the friends of your followers learn about you is to motivate your followers to tag themselves in pictures on your page. It can be photos of your fans, for example from some event provided by your company, or a picture of a sensational product. Just ask your fans to tag if they wish. But try not to be too pushy with such requests.

  1.    The shorter the better

It’s sad to admit but nowadays many people don’t like to read much. The statistic shows that posts less than 300 characters get much more likes and comments than long text posts. May be it’s better to write it short. Also here you can read more tips for content writing.  

  1.    Don’t forget about Facebook Places

There is a very nice feature called Facebook Places, which locates popular places within close reach to where a user checks in. How can it be useful for your business? The thing is that when someone checks in nearby, he or she will receive a list of propositions which you offer online (e.g. coupons, discounts, special offers etc.). The Facebook page of your business will be automatically included in the Facebook Places list.

Using facebook for business

Wise using of Facebook for marketing appeared to be very effective. Compare the sum you spent on advertising to the income and you’ll see if Facebook strategy is suitable for your business.

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