Laravel-Framework: tutorials & Quide

Laravel is an open source PHP framework for the dynamic web pages. Combing best features from PHP frameworks, it makes the sitemaking process much faster and more convenient for both beginners and advanced users. Laravel optimizes your code, this it is quite popular among website developers all around the planet.

The structure used is one of classic ones. Laravel is an MVC architechtual pattern, meaning it includes Model, View and Controller to its original structure. With the help of Model we work with the content on the website, View generates the interface for the user interaction. The most important part is the Controller – it coordinates the parts of Model and View having all the necessary data written inside.

Such construction of Laravel makes it possible for every programmer to see the code used for a particular website and implement a certain Laravel model to the own one. Extra advantage – opportunity to work with database management tools.

If you are thinking about Laravel tutorials – this blog section is for you. We will cover every step of Laravel sitemaking procedure and some of the newest Laravel tips for you to create you dream website!

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