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The most powerful on-page SEO tools in 2016

must have seo tools 2016

Frankly speaking, a lot of sources are claiming confidently that SEO is gaining its significance day after day. The point is that it is very hard to disagree with that statement all in all. But everyone knows that enormous efforts have been devoted to this sphere.

Nowadays there are plenty of IT specialists, who are pushing the envelope with the top SEO tools and some of these simply have to be applied for the global internet searches.

The only one thing which is worth paying attention for is the following question:

“ Which of the tools of SEO are considered the best ones?” Such a considerable amount of efforts have been devoted to solve this very incertitude.

And now, without any delays, we are willing to provide you with the concrete SEO toolset list below. By paying attention towards the most powerful on-page SEO tools in 2016 your chances will increase considerably.

To cut a long story short, it gives me a great pleasure to introduce you the following beneficial toolset for the SEO.

What are the must-have tools for SEO professionals?

1) SEMrush is something to rely on in future!

Generally speaking, the main function of the tool is to determine whether our site is alright or not. Whilst we are working on link-building campaigns, we are always monitoring the SEMrush. It may also come in handy when checking up the amount of peculiar keywords the site contains to improve its Google search.


SEMrush offers some information about the organic traffic. This, so to say, verification can even perpetuate the myth about the considerable drop.

If such phenomenon is present then the user’s expectations are betrayed and the access to that source has to be limited for this particular reason.

This tool gives you an excellent possibility to find out which are the top websites that are ranked for determined keyword. When you will try to consolidate keyword list with a series of websites you will definitely receive quite extensive keyword directory.

2) BuzzSumo will be demanded in 2016 by all means!

Here is the next important tool for SEO worth your attention. Many experts can naturally mention that BuzzSumo is not so related to SEO optimization tools as to social media ones instead. But, as far as we may know, an ordinary commerce is becoming more and more connected with SEO content. So, in one word saying, BuzzSumo is playing a huge role among SEO tools in 2016. We suggest you to cast a glance at this one.


BuzzSumo will help you to think a bit outside of the box. It becomes very useful in looking for new and unique ideas or concepts as well. To tell you the truth, it really does not matter which type of content are you interested in. It provides you with the wide range of different substances: social, visual and blog content. Only then, when we are finally defined with the keywords directory, we are moving on towards the following stage. So, the next thing to do is to come up with the smart and creative heading. Thinking up the new titles for the diverse types of infographics BuzzSumo data is one of the best tools that should be applied. Especially when it comes to the concepts development for story boards.

By clicking on the “Backlines” tab one can reveal well-known internal connections of the

social shares. BuzzSumo is doing really good service in composing a list of useful websites.

3) AuthorityLabs – watch out your keywords!

We have to notify you that by using AuthorityLabs you can bravely begin the world with historical rankings tracking and exploring the diagrams of time that the keywords are currently ranking.


Those specialists who are dealing with SEO for, at least, couple of years know that the data of this on-page SEO instrument are based on such features as the personalization, data center and similar. But still AuthorityLAb is sometimes used as a mechanism for supervising the keyword’s behavior with the flow of time. One of the other advantages of Authority Labs is a golden opportunity to contrast several sites at the same time. So, that means, you will be able to monitor your main competitors’ failures. What a stunning possibility, don’t you agree?

4) SpyFu makes your research look much more simplier!

The main assignment of SpyFu is to facilitate the work while doing some large-scale researches. In analyzing the strategy of the new-made website it also performs very well.


This service supports overview of the keywords pricelist, ranking traffic, etc. Of course, this report is not the only one performed by using SpyFu. Advertisement history is probably the most beloved appendix among consumers. When you are thinking about launching your personal PPC campaign, that type of data becomes priceless in assisting with enthusiasm that will be definitely needed while designing this procedure.

It is worth to admit that the SpyFu backlink SEO tool seems to be extremely necessary on today’s market. Anyway, it also goes well with some obligatory features. But it is not absolutely all included tool so far and it performs better in autonomous way.

5) Ahrefs can really integrate your links with the customers’ needs!

The questions like: “What online SEO tools can be useful to execute backlink outreach? ” have been bothering the experts for quite a long time. In a nutshell, the Ahrefs seems to know where the bodies are buried. With the help of this google SEO tool referring domains of the site can be displayed. It also shows you how many of them come from the unique Internet Protocols and how demonstrative is the link growth in there.


Ahrefs highlights the most influential links and its data is even used when trying to create link-building schemes for the customers. The Ahrefs breadown facilitates identification of the top ranking sites.

Ahrefs can be very productive namely when it comes to determining whether there are sitewide links or

occasions when there are too many links from a the same  domain.

All this information concerning Ahrefs would not be sufficient without adding one more characteristic. The tool can observe gaining the unique links in a very last day, previous day, last week, month, two months, etc.

To explain it in the other way, you can use Ahrefs in order to supervise the anchor text density, damaged links, and much more.

Ahrefs is also looking forward to commence several supplementary features. There will be such as top content, top referring content. To sum up, in 2016 year Ahrefs is likely to become something more than being just a link analysis SEO tool.

6) Majestic: why not to add some comfort to your SEO?

The key aspect of Majestic is the ability to work with the flow metrics conveniently. To fully understand analyzing a website’s topical data while dealing with semantic contexture for a site, the topical trust flow is ready to help.

majestic seo

Majestic has a number of versatile applications. To begin with, when concentrating on mirroring an analogous profile, top ranking industry sites are defined.

In some ways Majestic may remind Ahrefs. Talking about such occasions when it comes to downloading a backlinks directory, verifying of referring domains or disavowing the new or current links.

7) DeepCrawl: all your problems will be revealed!

When there is a need to get your hand in on-page and Panda audits, DeepCrawl is probably the best instrument to perform it for you.

There are multiple examples on the Internet where DeepCrawl is diagnosing different sorts of issues concerning website pages.

Of course, there will be no mistake, if you hear that plenty of components can be identified by using this particular SEO tool. In the past, people used to amalgamate a lot of tools including URLprofiler, Copyscape, ScreamingFrog and even Excel formulas were applied. We have to inform you that if you are applying DeepCrawl from time to time you may not have a problem with searching for the potential on-page failures. They are simply becoming visible even before they transform into serious and considerable problem.

It is becoming much more easier to diagnose web pages because now you have an opportunity to get different tags, internal and external links displayed.

So, which one SEO toolset would be necessary for specialists?

When you finally need to make a choice between variety of online SEO tools, do not worry almost all of them are available on the market. Some of them are proprietary while some of them are not. But, it is evident that the most effective toolbar is the one, your team has purposely developed for your own demands.

If you have high-qualified programmers working at the same company as you, then why not to ask them to do such a little favour? It would be beneficial for both sides. On the one hand, you will save a bit of time and efforts. On the other hand, it is a nice chance for your developers to try themselves out with designing automated SEO tools. So, don’t hesitate to give questions to your colleagues. Anyway, it is up to you, which toolbar to use in 2016.


Summing up all the stuff said above, it would be a good idea to watch some streamlines of SEO processes that will allow us to facilitate a bit management of several things. It will also keep you out of switching back and forth among the diversification of free SEO tools. To underline the point, your website will be definitely better than before due to falling back upon the above-mentioned toolset for SEO. In case you have any further questions feel free to consult us anytime.

And what other unique SEO tools examples can you provide us with?

Have you ever had some experience with them?

Do not be shy to contact us to inform interesting details.

We are always found of discovering something exclusive!

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