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Web programming would be totally impossible without having PHP with us today. PHP (short name for Hypertext Preprocessor) is considered the scripting language that is used most often in web development: it is an open source, server­side and HTML embedded. PHP is mostly implemented for general purposes, for example creating websites of particular web applications ot simply dynamic web pages.

One of the main PHP features – it is executed on server. Afterwards, the code you make generates HTML which is then gets sent to client viewing site. In other words, your clients don’t see the code itself, they can’t figure out the manner you have written your pages in, which is extremely favorable for us as the web developers.

PHP scripting language is an easy thing to start with if you are a beginner in the world of website development. If you are a proficient web designer, PHP developers will offer you big amount of advanced features (for instance PHP Editor).

This blog section will cover all possible PHP tutorials, using which it won’t take you a long time to get on track with creating websites and operating various PHP tools. Follow the updates and see real examples of PHP usage with explanation added!

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