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Social media is a complex of web applications which enable people to create, exchange and discuss user-produced content. They are based on foundations of Web 2.0 that allowed more open collaboration for users within virtual communities. However, this has also made social networking apps open to spamming and flaming. Nevertheless, over the past decade social media has turned into the dominant source for online cooperation, news sharing, marketing, entertainment, social and business networking.

The vast array of social media types includes media sharing networks, discussion forums, blogs, microblogs, social bookmarking, Wikis, online reviews, e-commerce and social gaming. For instance, Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are among the leading social media platforms.

Social media tools are spreading and growing more and more rapidly every day. Therefore, social networking services start to become an indispensable part of the world online. They have become very beneficial for conducting a business. For example, you can advertise your services or products and expand your audience within a social media platform.

Social media marketing benefits from social networking in order to increase brand awareness and expand market reach. The main task is to make content gripping and catching enough that it will be shared by users.

If you are interested in social media marketing, here we have prepared some useful tips for you.

1. Make a Social Media Channel Plan

The main idea of content marketing is to create and share engaging and sought-after content that will bring a lot of customers. But you should also know where to place it in order to have a good reach. For achieving that goal social media channel plan may come in handy. This plan can include such elements as channel (for instance, Google +), target audience, intention, format of the content (text, video or image), composition of your post, its integration with other channels and what user reaction you want to see.

Media Channel Plan

Your business goal may vary on different social networks and, thereby, the content you write may differ too. This plan will help you to get free from boundaries of one social media channel.

2. Make a list of social media updates for your content

Sometimes businesses have a difficulty in posting on social networks when they are short of ideas for what to publish. When you write some content for the blog, it is very practical to create a list of up to 15 posts at one time, which you can then use for promotion of that content’s fragment.

When your list of updates is ready, maybe it is better to put them in a summary table and add links to websites where you plan to post them. This little library will be a good saver of your time!

3. Post your content systematically

If you want to keep your following growing you should publish your posts systematically. Edgar is a practical platform which helps to publish what you want, when you want and appreciably saves your time. How does it work?

You add the social media update in your online library and save it in the suitable category. You also notify Edgar on what social network you want to post it. Then you select which types of updates you want to share at what time and day. So, you create a schedule and from here Edgar will do all the further work. The updates which are saved in your library make a queue. When Edgar posts an update, he put it back in the end of the queue, so that it can be published when there are no new ones. Build your social media marketing strategy and don’t be afraid that your followers will get bored of one and the same type of posts.

4. Drive traffic by adding link to your visual content

When you publish some visual content on social networks don’t forget that it can work for you as entry to other interesting content. In other words, you have an opportunity to get traffic back to your site and your services. How can you do this? You just have to include a link which will lead users back to a resource page related to this visual content. So when users go through the link, they come to a page with worthy posts relevant to the topic of the video, image or slides. For example, you can link a video to your site from the YouTube Account and create compelling content around it. Ask the fans to follow your link in the video descriptions by suggesting that this way they will find out more interesting related data.

5. Wise use of hashtags can be very beneficial in social media marketing

hashtags in social media marketing

In attaining success in social media sphere a significant role plays the rational use of hashtags. Here are some tips on how to make them work. Firstly, it is better to use the hashtags which are easier to spell and memorize. Secondly, don’t use hashtags which have been already taken by other channels. It should be unique and recognizable. You can use hashtagging on several channels. In that way, the hashtag will be better exposed and more widely spread. People will more likely remember your hashtag if they see it on various channels.

6. Rake through Twitter to boost your audience

In order to succeed you need to have not only a compelling content but also a broad audience. Who would have thought that Twitter is one of the best social media platforms which can be used for building your audience? Experienced Twitter users know that they can be placed on public Twitter lists which are classified by a particular interest or geographic position. What you need to do is to find a right person to follow and go through his lists. There is a good chance that you’ll find a high number of remarkable people you can follow and who will probably follow you back.

Twellow is a very helpful app to find people with similar tastes and interests. Here you can follow targeted users for unimaginable variety of categories.

Rake through Twitter Twellow

Another way to expand your audience is to use specialized search prompts, with the help of which you can enable the basic search functionality.

7. Examine previous content in order to make your posts better

Today there is a perfect opportunity for businesses to examine data of what has been successful previously in terms of sharing by Internet users. BuzzSumo is an excellent tool to discover what content is really working. Let’s see how you can use it. You enter a keyword which is related to your business and BuzzSumo will return you a list of best-performing content in terms of social sharing. What is more, there is an option to curate the content according to the social network which is actually very useful because some content doesn’t work identically on all social networks. Another useful function is to filter the content by time period and type (article, infographics, guest posts, giveaways, interviews or videos). Now, being provided with valuable information you can publish the content that will have more prospects of success on a certain social network.

8. Change the format of your content

How to maximize the full power of your content? Try changing its format! In this way you are likely to significantly enlarge your reach. For instance, you can turn an article into the video in order to gain more views and subscribers. If you have written a lot of information about a particular subject on your page, you can put it all together into an ebook. Or you can take a text fragment and change it into the image. The reach of visual content has a tendency to be better on social networks. Gain as much advantage as possible from Facebook, Instagram and especially Pinterest.

9. Use your comments on what you read for future blog posts

When you read publications of other people which are relevant to the topic of your business, don’t afraid to express your opinion and comment on the posts you read. Users will see your name and after a while will get interested in you. And there is one more way to benefit from your comments. Start saving them, for example as email drafts, and in the subject line think of the name for the topic. Later you can make posts for your blog out of these comments! They don’t necessarily need to be very long. Qualitative and appealing content sometimes can be presented just in several sentences.

10. Attach gripping message to your visual content

Nowadays we are heavily overwhelmed with amount of information due primarily to the blooming of information technologies and the Internet, endlessly refillable with new content. That is why it is essential for your business to find an approach to catch the attention of your website’s visitors and potential customers. The most effective way to make them get sight of your message is to create a remarkable visual content.

Pinterest is among the best visual social media platforms that can help you drive traffic to your website. The Pinnable image should speak for itself so that reader will immediately understand what is in there for him and draw his attention to the article. Put some text on the pinned graphic which will tell other users what is waiting for them. And don’t forget to add the name of your post on it!

Social media and SEO

Social media and SEO are firmly interlinked and both work toward achieving one thing – creating an original and high-quality content which stands out and attracts guests to your website or blog.

Some time ago Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search quality, published a video which dismayed and disappointed many marketers as it stated that social signals, for example likes on Facebook, don’t influence the rank of the website in search engine any more. It was a stunning blow, because in 2010 Cutts released a video where he announced that those signals were ranking determinants. In spite of this bad news, social media still has a great impact on SEO. And who knows, may be social signals will again start impacting website’s ranking in future.

Social media and SEO

Links to the content on trustworthy social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others tell that the website is credible and its rank goes up. Of course, the authority of users who shared the content is also taken into consideration.

The social media profile is among the main factors that can affect your ranking. The truth is that when you search for brand names, the social profiles of the companies which present those brands are likely to appear in top results. If you have a Google+ profile of your company, you get a big advantage as the main information about it will be at once displayed at the right corner of the search results page. What is more, a lot of people search for company’s Facebook or other social platform’s page when they are not really familiar with its services. The conclusion is that social media profiles of your business are valuable for users who are searching for it in the Internet.

In current time people use not only search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find what they want, but actively start using different social media platforms for that purpose. Search on social media became an inseparable part of SEO.

In brief, if you successfully get along, for example on Facebook or Google+, there is a good chance that when people search in there for related to your business content, they will discover your profile. That is why marketers should make sure that their authorized social profiles are easily recognizable and their services can be clearly understood.

Moreover, you can create eye-catching visual content and with the use of hashtags and appropriate categorizing make it noticeable on Instagram or Pinterest.

And certainly don’t give up on Bing. This second after Google search engine is clear about how social signals affect their search results. Bing’s algorithm includes the number of people who follow you and considers it as a ranking factor. So don’t exclude Bing from your SEO strategy.

In conclusion, we would like emphasize one more time that SEO and social media both play a key role in promoting a website and gaining traffic for it. Moreover, these strategies interact between themselves. The social reach depends a lot on how much effort you spend on SEO. Consequently, your visible presence in social media can significantly push up search engine ranking of your website.


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