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The best practices for successful email marketing campaigns

Practices for successful email marketing campaigns

E-mail marketing is among the most effective tools of Internet marketing which consists in using email mainly for advertising purposes: sending advertisements about products or services, information on discounts and coupons, notifications on sales, etc.

It helps to build up direct communication between a company and potential or existing customers, achieve greater credibility and increase brand awareness.

What are possible benefits of email marketing for your business and why do you need an email marketing program?

  1. First of all, in comparison to other marketing techniques, email marketing is really a fast and easy way of communication. You prepare text and visual content, put it into a message, choose target mail recipients in your database and press send. That’s all! The whole work can be accomplished by one person within a few hours.
  2. Because of its time-effectiveness, email marketing is a perfect strategy for short-term campaigns. For example, when you need to notify your customers about special offer/sale or want to congratulate them on birthday or holiday. Real-time message will arrive exactly when you want it.
  1. Trough printed newsletters or telesales campaigns you can deliver only messages oriented towards the wide audience. So the next benefit of email marketing is that via email you can send personalized messages through which you can speak directly to each of your customers. In the emails you can address your consumers by their names. Or even provide advice on what might catch their interest judging by their purchase history.
  1. With email marketing you can investigate what content people better respond to. You just mail out different variants of one e-newsletter to different parts of your customer list and then through tracking tools estimate which variant of the letter has contributed more to the further sale.
  1. Email marketing is not only time-effective but also cost-effective! There are no expenses on printing, postal services or advertising price. All you need is an effective platform for email marketing and a competent worker who knows how to find an approach to different types of customers and write high-quality content.
  1. Time-effectiveness of email marketing brings about one more benefit for online businesses. As it takes not much time to create and send out an email in comparison to other advertising strategies, you have the possibility to contact with your consumers much more often, even every day! Note, however, that the best email marketing practice is to send no more than one email per week, as daily emails could be taken as something annoying and pushy.

Best practices for email marketing

In the second part of our article we will focus on tips for successful email marketing campaigns. We all know how to send an email, but what really matters is how to create an effective message which will boost your sales.

Tips for email marketing

1)  Be mobile friendly

Statistic shows that in 2015 more than 70% of marketing emails have been opened through mobile devices. Nowadays it’s not a surprise any more, taking into account that the amount of smartphones has exceeded the third part (in some cases even the half) of countries’ population.

That’s why always make sure that emails you send are optimized for smartphone users. Think about design details, for example the size of buttons and switches should be big enough for convenient clicking.

2)  Don’t make your email too long

As people mainly check their email during short breaks, they tend to skip long advertising content and pay more attention to short notices. So try to make your message brief and useful at the same time. Also here is a list of free online content writing courses.

3)  Segment your customer list

We recommend you to segment your consumer email list for being able to send personalized messages to the different target audiences. This strategy has proved to be very effective for sales growth. For example, you can subdivide the database of consumers by such criteria as similar product preference and send them messages when the new item of that kind of products goes on sale.

4)  Think about subject lines and snippets

In most email software users can see the subject and the snippet of messages they receive. Think over carefully what content is most likely to catch customers’ attention in the very beginning.Take into account that there are people who just don’t open emails ads, but, before deleting messages, still look through their previews. And here is your opportunity to convey the content you want to such customers.

Don’t put too long information in the subject line. Better make it short, so that its tail won’t be cut off on smartphones.

5)  Provide only high-quality content

What people mostly expect to read about in an email?

First of all, they want to receive notifications on special offers, coupons and sales.  Or maybe they are also looking for some valuable information. Apart from informing your audience about exclusive offers, you send an e-newsletter and provide customers with useful tips, pieces of advice or whatever that is relevant to your business. Just like in a blog, only via email.

6)  Cross-promote your content across different channels

Creating high-quality content is quite hard and time-consuming work. So, instead of writing different content for your blog, social media and an e-newsletter, why not cross-promote one message across all your channels?

At first, it’s better to make a blog post and include in it the full information you want to convey. After that, create and send out an email with the outline of the blog post and put in some demonstrative visual content. And don’t forget to ask people follow the link if they want to see the whole article. At last, promote the same content via social media and offer users to join your email list.

Email marketing

By using these email marketing practices you increase your chances to grow your business, maintain your brand identity and receive the attention you deserve from your customers.

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