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SEO ranking factors in 2016

To begin with, SEO is a large scaled business. Its capital turnover reaches over $35 billion per each financial year.

It is certainly not a big secret that the new 2016 year is coming to us and it will be a stunning idea to answer quite relevant question: “ How to have your website on the first search pages in the next year? ” This is truly one of the most permanently asked questions not only by different online businessmen, but even by the most successful SEO-engineers as well.
To begin with, there were some decisive alterations in informational technologies sphere during the previous year, and they definitely just can not be ignored at this point. So now we want you to pay attention to several basic suggestions which can really come in handy when optimizing your web pages.

1. Choose the most appropriate tags for mobile devices

As far as we know, more and more people tend to use their mobiles in order to perform the internet purchases.
You may be even surprised, but customers are accessing the world wide web preferably via phones from now on in accordance with the latest investigation. So the substitution of a good old traditional PC with a trendy mobile device seems to be just a matter of time. Whether it is true or not, it would be better to guarantee a friendly user interface in the world of smartphones.
By uniforming structure to H5 tags your site can be one of the most required by mobile users.

2. Watch out your personal location data

The surveillance conducted in 2015 proves that information containing location of the site means a lot in search ranking. That serves as the indicator which testifies the business lawfulness.
All you have to do is just not to provide your potential customers with wrong information of your whereabouts. Be convinced that every data concerning the emplacement is correct and steady at a moment’s notice. Simply be honest and that is it.

3. Intention means a lot

Do not forget that being on the top pages of search engine does not guarantee you unquestioning victory in the market yet. The principal goal of your website ought to be the satisfaction of user expectations. So make sure that your site has all the substantive webpages that may be extremely useful to your production consumers. It will be very nice to have such pages as those underneath. 
Contact information Page – Mentions the reliability and honesty. 
Private Policy – Many search engines approve having it. 
URL interpretation – It would have been nice when your constant links display the content foundation.


4. Mind the User Experience

Presumably everyone will agree that we are rapidly transforming into consumer society day after day. That really gives us a shove to play a role of the ordinary clicker who just wants to walk along the different sites including our own ones as well.
There are some important elements below that will help you to come a little bit closer to an understanding with the veracious UI necessities of our time.
Unique fountainhead of the content: Frankly speaking, the availability of authentic articles is a great rarity nowadays. Quite often it is almost impossible to overestimate the significance of this particular feature. On the other point of view, your texts should not be extremely sophisticated because the visitors may be at a loss for a moment.
Site navigation: Create a shipshape image to your site. It would be better to display the most meaningful pages in the conspicuous place so as not to provoke an outrage among clients.
Search: All in all, it would be a perfect manifestation of interaction between consumer and you as a developer and as owner of the site at the same time. It is worth saying that people like something beneficial like that.

5. Stay defined with the unique words

Even though some experts are claiming that this feature have already lost its previous significance, plenty of web developers continue to choose the keywords faithfully.
Either hire a highly qualified SEO professional or determine the main words on your own it depends on you. But of course, everyone understands that involving the specialist costs a pretty penny, especially now. So, it is no wonder why a lot of entrepreneurs (and not only those who have their business in the internet) stick to the suggestion of doing it on your own.

It is not hard to realize why such portion of attention is devoted to the keywords.
Users adore having the information entered on their requests on the front pages of the browser search.

6. Try to apply uncommon pictures

As far as you may know, plenty of websites have extraordinary images in order to capture the buyer’s attention. And this is naturally working, by the way. But for every plus there is a minus. For example, mistakenly selected pictures may intimidate the potential buyer. To pick up pics properly, the target audience must be taken into account and then their peculiar tastes and preferences have to be considered and applied.
And now we advise you to read some useful information about the different types of internet images.
Public Domain Images (they are mostly called “free”). The main characteristic of this kind is their security. They are also free of charge. That is why these pics are frequently applied.
Creative Commons Images (they can be either free or paid). Few of us exactly know what Creative Commons is. In one word saying, this is non-profitable organization that deals with working out the licenses to all types of originative products, including images as well. The subject of their boosting is usually high quality.
Stock Images (those are also divided into free of charge and proprietary). They are created by the qualified specialists and are distinguished among the other types by extremely good caliber.

7. Consider the size

Earlier an article, consisting of nearby 300-400 lexemes was determined like volumetric. However, articles from 1,200 to 1,500 are said to be large up to now.
So, if you have never paid attention to the size of your webpages then you should make it a rule for the future.
Just for you to know: the longer article is, the better it performs in variable searches. That certainly does not mean that the shorter texts have already lost their topicality. Users tend to share more extensive topics on social networks than shorter ones.

There might be, however, one general problem with long text. The text might be simple non relevant at all. Before extending your passages you should think it over and over again. There is no sense in doing it for a great number of current websites.

8. Voice Search is something to rely on

Among the newest progressive technologies of this century the Voice Search is extremely demanded. This is clear that printing an appropriate query on the keyboard proves to be more difficult than just saying a few single words to your smartphone or PC.
There is nothing new when you will hear from anybody that a considerable part of businesses, goods, and services all in all are located only with the help of vocalized search.

9. The advantages of Direct Data

At first, let us explain to you what kind of information does this data type represent. Supposing an average user is looking for the closest eatery to have a supper there. Due to using Direct Data, he will receive detailed references telling him all the facts concerning the address, price list and contact number. He may be even acquainted with the recent visitor feedback about the institution.
These additional pieces of information helps the website to grow into more visible for the consumer’s eyes. This feature is beneficial for both ordinary location and SEO franchise.


This phrase has been very relevant in the 2015. Conversion rate optimization is performed only when the people are visiting the website, but not transforming anything herewith.
It is evident that there is no established standard to take the conversion measurements from all current websites. However, the point is becoming smarter and smarter year by year. For instance, in 2015 web specialists managed to overcome some difficulties with tracking in Google Analytics.
We can bravely expect the appearance of the new conversion types and even another stages dealing with internet commerce processes.


To sum up all the things said above, working in the SEO departments is a hard nut to crack. But never mind, you may also enjoy all the advantages of this profitable sphere as well.
A well-applied optimization strategy will definitely help to place the websites into search engines top. In the other way, it can even greatly improve the site usability.
Everybody should understand that SEO sphere is a subject to change.
That is why the head principles for high-quality SEO have altered dramatically over the last few years.
In order to involve investments somehow related with content, marketers will have to dedicate some time and efforts into getting more acquainted with the new rules for successful SEO strategy.
Comprehension of necessity in displaying extended texts and mobile-friendly contents in your 2016 SEO planning and also keeping the user experience in mind are two key pitfalls that you simply can not go without.
And there is one more important promt for search engine optimization. When you have noticed several failures in your website’s content or structure, please do not hesitate and appeal to the technical support immediately. Only after doing that you may easily go further in developing your affairs.
So, as you can see SEO rules are something worth to be aware of.
Best regards in dealing with this sixty four dollar question in 2016.


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