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TOP 10 Small SEO Tools

top 10 small seo tools

SEO revolution is gathering speed every day. The variety of SEO tools and techniques is overwhelming. In case you don’t have large capital assets for SEO purposes, you need to look for cost-effective solutions. In this article we would like to present you top 10 small SEO tools with the help of which you can develop your website and get higher search engine rankings for Free and without any registration. They all have different functions but their aim is the same – to come in handy in your website business.

1) Plagiarism Checker – simple, user-friendly and free

This small SEO tool operates accurately and without any difficulties. The user can enter the text for checking directly into the input box or browse the needed file from the computer. However, you should remember that in the first case the volume of input data is limited (maximum 2000 words per search).

Plagiarism Checker

The content of the entered text is checked for plagiarism in a thorough way. The main task of Plagiarism Checker is to give a precise percentage of the text originality. But wait, there is more! The phrases and sentences which are plagiarized will appear in red in the results of the test. And at the click of the mouse you can get access to the authentic sources from where the content is taken.

Plagiarism Checker is the key to achieving higher website ranking. Moreover, it is a perfect tool to make sure that nobody is copying data without permission from your own site! Plagiarism Checker can also come in handy for students when they write essays using the Internet. This small SEO tool helps them to feel confident that their home assignments won’t be accused of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker is easy, fast and free! It’s time to see for yourself!

2) Online Ping Website Tool – speeds up the indexing

What is ping and why Online Ping Website Tool is essential for your website?

Online Ping Website Tool

By adding fresh content you get a chance to multiply the number of the site’s visitors. Ping is a mechanism by which a website tells the search engines that the new material is published and invites the Internet bot to visit the site for indexing the new content. Timely indexing can prevent stealing your articles. That is why indexing speed up is crucial. But now you don’t have to wait until search engines identify the updates of your page because Online Ping Website Tool will notify them about changes for you. All you need to do is to enter the direct link to the fresh content and choose the best category to which the new information relates. The category of the website may differ from the one of the link.

With Online Ping Website Tool you can ping your website URL to Google absolutely free! Keep your website’s rank at the higher level by using this tool when you update your website.

3) Article Rewriter – will help to get rid of plagiarism and make your article unique

Article Rewriter is definitely useful for writers and very helpful for SEO purposes. Sometimes it’s hard to pick up the right word in the process of rewriting. In these cases Article Rewriter proves to be helpful. Let’s take a look how this free small SEO tool works.

Article Rewriter

After pasting the article into the input box and clicking Next the rewriter tool will go through the content looking for words which can be replaced with synonyms. As the result, all replaced words will appear in bold type and different colours. If you want to change the word back to the initial one, just click on it. You can also choose other possible variant among suggested synonyms or add own word. This SEO tool contains innumerable quantity of synonyms which makes it one of the best tools for article writers. Article Rewriter will also help to make your post more attractive if it has too simple words. But be attentive and check the results carefully, because some replacement words may not fit the content. In order to get another alternative version, you can click Rewrite Again.

It is recommended to check your target text for plagiarism through Plagiarism SEO Tool before publishing it in order to be 100% sure that your article is unique.

4) Spell Checker – will look out for spelling mistakes in your work

If you are not as fluent in the language as you would like to be or you are not sure that your article is 100% spellingly correct but you got tired of looking through it again and again, Spell Checker will do this job for you.

Spell Checker

It works as simply as other small SEO tools. Spell Checker carefully scans the text you paste into the input field and highlights words which are spelled incorrectly. Furthermore, it provides you with a number of alternatives for correction. This tool is multilingual and gives a wide choice of language your text is written in.

Publishing articles which contain spelling mistakes can undermine website’s credibility. That is why Spell Checker is a valuable SEO tool with the help of which you won’t lose trust of site’s visitors.

5) Keyword Position – fast and free way to track your keyword location

Keyword Position is a necessary tool for SEO workers. How does it work? In the first box you enter the domain you want to test and in the second one you write each keyword (up to 5) on a new line. You can also choose which page range you would like to check. Keyword Position goes through the web search engine results for every keyword in order to find the location of your site.

Keyword Position

Position on the first page is something to aim at. Be careful with the choice of your keywords. Sometimes it is better to have a few but superior keywords which will bring your website high ranking than a great amount of humble ones. Another key to be one among the first is high quality backlinks about which you will get some information in the next paragraph.

Use Keyword Position tool to keep track of your website’s current position in the search engine for different keywords and continue developing in order to be on the top.

6) Backlink Checker – a useful small SEO tool to count inbound links

It is not a secret for people who work in SEO field that the number of backlinks is one of the important factors of website’s popularity. What tool will help to count the incoming links and do it fast and for free?

Backlink Checker

Backlink Checker is exactly what you need. This small SEO tool finds out how many inbound links are indicating the website you enter into the box. The result will display the precise page which holds the direct link to your website. If you click on that link, the page will be opened in a new tab.

Some website owners buy a great quantity of cheap incoming links being determined that website’s ranking depends to a large extent only on the number of backlinks. But you should remember that quality must be always over quantity. Links with low quality can damage your website’s credibility while high quality backlinks make you more trustworthy. Who tries to cheat the system is in danger that it can backfire on him.

7) Grammar Checker – a smart editor which is ready to hand

Grammar Checker works almost the same way as Spell Checker. But now it looks not only for spelling mistakes, but also carefully checks your text for grammar errors. The mistakes will be highlighted and with a click on the incorrect word an icon will appear that contains explanation of the mistake and corrected version. Besides, there is an option to cancel the discovered mistake by clicking Ignore Suggestions. You can also add your own word for the correction if you wish.

Grammar Checker

Grammatically correct content is crucial for online services. With Grammar Checker you also have an opportunity to improve your knowledge of English grammar while correcting the mistakes.

8) Domain Authority Checker – will do all the hard work for you

The name of this small SEO tool speaks for itself. It allows you to check the authority of the domain at the scale of up to 100. In addition to that, you will get the result of Page Authority test, the number of Linking Root Domains and total amount of links.
The higher the domain authority is, the better ranking the website obtains. Just enter the domain you want to check and the results will appear before you in a split second.

9) Google PageRank Checker – determines your Page Rank and warns against fraud

What is Google PageRank? It is an algorithm, named after Larry Page (one of the Google founders), which is created for Google Search to rank websites. Google PageRank counts the quantity and the quality of links which point to a page in order to measure the importance of the website at the scale of up to 10. As we mentioned previously, website owners who buy a large number of cheap inbound links with a hope to get higher Google Page Rank are in danger to be blocked from search results in favour of the websites with the content which is valuable to human.

Google PageRank Checker is a perfect free SEO tool to find out the Page Rank of your website. We recommend you to check the URL for different pages, not only for the Home page, and you will see that every link can have different Page Rank value.

Google PageRank Checker can save you from buying websites with the fake Page Rank. If you try the link in Google PageRank Checker and the result is in red, that means this website’s Page Rank is not true.

10) Keyword Density Checker – will help to find out if your keyword density needs correction

Keyword Density Checker is a unique SEO tool that will help to avoid under-optimization as well as over-optimization. What you need to do is to enter the page’s URL or paste the text into the box and then choose the quantity of words per phrase (from 1 to 3) you would like to check. You can also determine how many keywords you want to be displayed.

Keyword Density Checker

In result you get the density and the count of keywords beginning with the words which are used most frequently. But how does this tool work? Keyword Density Checker calculates the density percentage taking in the account how many times the word is used compared to the total amount of the words. It is recommended to keep the main keywords density not less than 2% and not more than 3%. Too high density of the keywords increases the risk that the site will get filtered.

We do hope that our article will help you to find the right SEO tools for your purposes. It is useful to have a good arsenal of SEO instruments in stock in order to find and overcome obstacles faster and easier.


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