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Top 6 the most popular plugins for WordPress in 2016

The best WordPress plugins in 2016

WordPress plugins are a universal solution when maintaining your personal content system. WordPress developers offer quite an amount of various modules to cover every single web-site aspect you would like to change. There are literary hundreds of them: your only task is to choose the ones you like the most and start customizing your web-site.

Several new plugins have been recently designed to facilitate your work with the WordPress. We have combined an updated list for you to see which ones will take the highest positions in 2016. They are already the most popular, stable and convenient patterns. Enjoy reading, leave your comments below and hit “share” on the bottom!

Security Ninja – WordPress security plugin

Top the most popular WordPress plugins in 2016

The Security Ninja WordPress plugin is a mere leader: this is an excellent plugin received 4.9 out of 5 stars. It should be implemented to raise your security on the point of actual system infection. After a meticulous scanning The Security Ninja is making your web-resource up to 50 times faster. Besides, there is one more essential advantage it provides you with: Cellphone Sign-in for the additional security – now you are able to compile your devices and prevent your content system from being hacked. Moreover, you can combine several sites and control their protection with special reports. Divide your site into particular sections and assign a certain security level for them, allowing to block just separate threats. You may download Security Ninja WordPress plugin following the link below:

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Swift Security Bundle – Hide WordPress, Firewall, Code Scanner

Top the most popular WordPress plugins in 2016

One more security plugin, which will protect your web site’s identity, is the Swift Security plugin. It guarantees security to all the weak places, which might get attacked. Using Swift Security you also protects all the important data from hackers in more than 30 ways. Such a plugin includes several protection levels, starting form the double authentication to reliable passwords generation. An awesome thing it also does is the fast scanning and fixing the mistakes on spot: this is how you identify harmless users or bug and instantly limit their access to your web site. To try all the rest functions that were not mentioned go to

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Premium SEO Pack – WordPress plugin

Top the most popular WordPress plugins in 2016

Premium SEO Pack is a unique plugin which controls the user side, making quite an efficient contribution in the whole system work. It improves surfing on your web-site. As a result, your visitors will enjoy fast quality performance: now the elements will download up to 10 times faster and they will be able to view more stuff you have put on your source. Likewise, Premium SEO Pack is in charge of cashing maintenance: content managing considering browser and data features. These things will be compressed by HTTP with the help of JavaScript, HTML and CSS without major changes in your web design. See all the advantages after installing, you may find the link below:

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wpDataTables – Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

Top the most popular WordPress plugins in 2016

wpDataTables will be an extremely favorable tool when it comes to inserting various  tables into web-site widgets, ordinary pages or just posts. WordPress provides you with an opportunity to create a personal design without no difficult steps like coding. The interface of a table editing program is quite simple: it includes the basic functions regular editors do: you may work out any kind of information needed. wpDataTables is an import and export friendly application, therefore you don’t need to form new tables if having them in Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. To implement this plugin on your platform, follow the link below:

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Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress

Top the most popular WordPress plugins in 2016

Styles with Shortcodes is will take care of your PHP codes minimalizing those. This “must have” WordPress plugin offers you a special set of shortcodes to rear simple and unified content codes. It has got a simple modern construction even including an option of the language choice. Styles with Shortcodes is a genuine treasure for non-programmist developers due to a free opportunity to combine you web-design choosing from 50+ themes. We should also mention that the varieties of sliders, tabs, buttons, boxes, etc. are available. Don’t hesitate and follow the link below to prospect all the capacities Styles with Shortcodes owns!

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WordPress Backup & Clone Master

Top the most popular WordPress plugins in 2016

Test your demo-versions and improve or update your platforms outside and locally with amazing Backup & Clone Master. This WordPress plugin will furnish you with perfect backup tools, also including the operations of transferring (replacing) and copying your web site within the Internet hostings. By the virtue of full customization of the clients’ content system, WordPress reshapes the Backup & Clone Master annually, adding brand new solutions for the peculiar sites. Moreover, you might need the professional help or simple guidance not to get confused while transporting your content elements.  Try out the Backup & Clone Master plugin and give us the feedback about your personal duplication experience following the link below:

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