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What opportunities can WordPress provide you with?

Benefits of using WordPress

WordPress is an extremely popular content management system. It is an open-source software that is very convenient, and contains thousands of templates, themes and plugins for extending the functionality and features of your site. WordPress is suitable not only for simple blogs, but also for creation of fully featured websites and mobile applications. If you still have doubts about whether you should start using WordPress, we are here to help you overcome your incertitude. In our article you will find 10 reasons why WordPress is a perfect platform to run your business.

1) User-friendly backend

The most remarkable thing in WordPress which at once catch your eye is its easy-to-use backend administration panel. The developers of WordPress are constantly improving its Content management system (CMS). It already has such features as gallery, threaded comments, revision history, trash and much more. WordPress visual editor is very convenient. Moreover, it has a nice Paste from Word function, so you can write articles in Microsoft Word and then successfully transfer them to your WordPress. WordPress is actually easy to manage. You don’t have to be an expert to make a WordPress site which makes this platform an excellent starting point for small businesses.

2) Plugins widen your website’s functionality

A lot of different web software provide module functionality, but there is hardly anything more thought-out and trouble-free than WordPress’s plugin system. Through plugins complex features can be added  to your WordPress core system. They enable you to create forums, contact forms, photo galleries, maps and plenty of other functionality. WordPress has a searchable plugin directory where every plugin has product and installation description, download stats, review, in brief, all you need to know about the particular piece of software. Their code is filled with ‘hooks’ which means that it can be added to practically any WordPress feature with no need to edit the core.

3) Plenty of themes to improve your design

WordPress contains thousands of themes designed in professional way. Some of them you need to buy but there are also themes available for free in the WordPress Theme Directory. Frankly speaking, you can create an outstanding site from already-existing theme by doing all modifications and improvements by yourself. Don’t forget that themes are open-source, so you can change them based on your own preference. Your content is independent from themes, which means you can replace them with keeping your content in its proper place.

4) Secure your website effortlessly

With WordPress it is remarkably easy to make security and functionality updates. As soon as the new version becomes available, you receive a link for an upgrade in one click. It is advised to back up your site before installation in the event that something goes out of whack. Consider using backup plugins. Extra caution can go a long way.

5) Easy to solve SEO issues

Another reason why you should use WordPress is the business opportunities it opens. With Search Engine Optimization you are likely to attract more customers and build your client base. WordPress provides many effective SEO plugins, for example All-in-one SEO Pack which automatically optimizes website for search engines. And without using any plugins, even simple linking in WordPress Google finds naturally attractive. WordPress will help you to achieve greater results.

6) It is free with no pitfalls

In addition to all best parts of WordPress, it is free so you can download, install and modify it at no cost. There are no pitfalls, WordPress won’t charge you when you want to add features to your website or extend its functionality. It is one of the main reasons of WordPress success.

7) Be accessible

Because of being built on relatively simple and approachable technologies, WordPress sites are highly accessible. They can be easily installed on Windows and Linux servers and render in CSS and HTML, which makes WordPress sites also available on Android devices, iPhones, iPads, etc. It is a great advantage as nowadays more and more potential visitors and customers use mobile devices for searching the Internet. Make your website look attractive on a smartphone or tablet if you don’t want your customers to skip it.

8) WordPress has an excellent guider

As you may know, Automattic is the company behind WordPress and they actually do great job. WordPress is really well-guided. People in Automattic watch over open source programming and try hard to suppress spamming and provide good security. Automattic works stably and regularly updates their products. Note that WordPress is over twelve years old. Over these years it has evolved into a fully-functional web publishing system.

9) Perfect software to add a blog to your website

Initially WordPress was considered to be a platform for blogging, which made it really in-demand. Even now many still regard it as the perfect place where to start a blog. And they actually have a point there. WordPress has everything you need to create an outstanding blog: tags, gravatars, threaded comments, categories, excellent moderation, antispam plugins and a lot more. You can easily add a blog to your WordPress site which is an effective way to catch more attention from visitors and Google. Or if there is no need for a fully-featured site, you can create just a blog too.

10) Keep growing with WordPress

With WordPress your site will keep moving forward to the extent you want and need. In WordPress you can handle it through wise operating and thought-out design. As all your content locates in a database, you can modify your design and add new themes without making over every page and worrying about broken links. Numerous websites use WordPress, from simple blogs to widely known brands.

WordPress tips

WordPress is a highly powerful tool that deserves its status. Every day the range of its use expands from simple blogs to corporate sites and data portals. If you want to achieve better results, consider switching to WordPress.

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